Monday, April 4, 2011

Saturday with KIDS

Kids anthology

Kids anthology covers!
Kids, the first anthology edited by Melissa Mendes and me.
kitchen magnets with bottle caps hot glued on

Comics about growin' up
Sundays/Kids Production

Sundays/Kids Production
Comics about Young'ns
Sundays/Kids Production

Featuring Comics By:
  • Melissa Mendes

  • Robyn Chapman

  • Chuck Forsman

  • Nate Beaty

  • Lydia Conklin

  • Alex Kim

  • Joseph Lambert

  • Amy Mendes

  • Max de Radigues

  • José-Luis Olivares

  • James Hindle

  • Dane Martin

  • David Libens

  • Sundays/Kids Production

    Sundays/Kids Production
    Come see us at MoCCA! We'll be at the Sundays table--tons of great debuts from my friends.
    MoCCA Festival Floor Plan

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